3D Scan Spray in Bulk

3D Scan Spray now comes in bulk containers of 1L for use with air brushes and spray guns. (As of September 30, 2019 – we no longer carry the 10L container) The additional bulk options can help ensure coverage of areas where the Can of 3D Scan Spray may not be able to reach. 3D Scan Spray in bulk is different from our Can option, as control and coverage can vary on the type of air brush or spray gun being used.


Helling has recommended this type of Spray Gun to be used with the 3D Scan Spray in bulk. Medium Pressure (MP) Handheld Spray Gun, Gravity Feed, 0.5mm

Take a look at some examples of the 3D Scan Spray with a spray gun in action.


Bulk 3D Spray with Spray Gun